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Bella Nixon's 5 top things Women wish Men knew

by Bella Nixon

At FlirtyorDirty we are all about sex, passion and eroticism but love, romance and fun are all roads that lead south! So after trawling my favourite books, articles and delving into my own and my friends mysterious female minds I came up with my favourite top 5 tips that will hopefully keep you and your lover on track for a fun filled, loving and spicy relationship.

1. Chivalry is not dead! (most us ladies secretly hope)
One of my favourites because as my mother always said "manners cost nothing and get you everything". Good old fashioned chivalry will go a long way to getting what you want…so get opening those doors and offering that your lady goes first Gents.

2. Listening is sexy
This makes a woman feel like you are interested in her, no need to solve our woes she can do that herself, but take it from me listening and being interested will make her glow and she will in turn be more interested in you.

3. Don’t be lazy
Women don't always like to ask for what they want. They want you to know what they want! So as well as the above points keep in mind things such as, taking your time in the bedroom, right through to helping with chores (I know I know!) but it all helps to oil the cogs of love. Besides it will leave her more energy for romance and taking your time in the bedroom is fun for both of you.

4. Suckers for Romance
There is no need to ask - Women love flowers and gifts, many find it especially charming when you don’t forget special dates/anniversaries. It doesn't take spending vast amounts of money, thought is the key here, so if you can educate yourself on your partners favourite treats and dates all the better.

5. Don't take the hump when we don't want to pump
Making a women feel obliged to have sex is like pouring cold water on a fire. In a woman's mind adding sex to there 'to do' list - is a major passion killer. Keep it fun and flirty and make sure she thinks of sex as something that is pleasurable for both of you.

Look out for my next post (because it's only fair!) - Top 5 things Men wish Women knew.
Love Bella x