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PSST…. Girls - Do you know what to get your partner this Fathers day?

by Bella Nixon

Hi Bella here,
I am here to remind you that it is Fathers Day just around the corner. I found out some interesting facts about this special day and thought I would share with you. Fathers day is a world wide celebration held on the third Sunday of June in the United Kingdom, USA, India, Canada, China, France, Greece, Japan and even Hong Kong.
The official stamp of approval for Father's Day came in 1972 when President Richard Nixon made it public law! So all you 40 somethings may remember a time before we made a point of thanking our Fathers. I think it is a great thing to celebrate! In Germany Father's Day is celebrated differently from other parts of the world. Männertag (Men’s day) is celebrated by getting drunk with wagons of beer and indulging in regional food! Good for them eh! Just goes to show you can make this day your own, and why not put your own unique take on fathers day, avoid the most common gifts associated with Father's Day which comprise of a necktie, followed by flowers, outings (golf, sports or eating out), or books. This is great… for the kids… Why not make this an extra special Sunday for him - show him some love and plan yourself a saucy secret to give your partner once the children are asleep/left home (delete as appropriate!). We have some really pretty new items in from Anais which I have attached images of for you to have a look at.

Have a Happy Fathers Day!

Until next time….Bella x

Buying Valentine's Lingerie gifts

by Bella Nixon
Buying Valentine's Lingerie gifts

How do YOU give lingerie on Valentines day?

Buying Valentine lingerie as a gift for your partner may leave you feeling a little uncertain. Will I get the size right? Will I choose the right style? Will she be offended that I am being too forward?!

My advice when giving Valentines lingerie to your partner is to think about your partner first & foremost. It can be easy to get carried away buying erotic lingerie and forget what your partner is happy to wear; consider if your partner is happy with certain styles that require a bit of effort to put on, such as garters and stockings or if they prefer something more simple to slip into.

Unsure what to choose? Then play it safe with a lingerie set, camisole or babydoll. You can always add an extra gift of crotchless panties, garters stockings or pasties that match so you can up the erotic ante if it feels appropriate. If you fear you’ll get the brush off for being too forward, simply add a hand written note telling her - I know this is a bit of a gift for me but because I love you so much, I hope it makes you feel extra special and makes our valentine fun! At FlirtyorDirty we make buying erotic lingerie simple, choosing the style that you love and know will drive your partner wild, makes a great Valentines gift for you both.

Bella Nixon's 5 top things Women wish Men knew

by Bella Nixon
At FlirtyorDirty we are all about sex, passion and eroticism but love, romance and fun are all roads that lead south! So after trawling my favourite books, articles and delving into my own and my friends mysterious female minds I came up with my favourite top 5 tips that will hopefully keep you and your lover on track for a fun filled, loving and spicy relationship.

1. Chivalry is not dead! (most us ladies secretly hope)
One of my favourites because as my mother always said "manners cost nothing and get you everything". Good old fashioned chivalry will go a long way to getting what you want…so get opening those doors and offering that your lady goes first Gents.
2.Listening is sexy
This makes a woman feel like you are interested in her, no need to solve our woes she can do that herself, but take it from me listening and being interested will make her glow and she will in turn be more interested in you.
3.Don’t be lazy
Women don't always like to ask for what they want. They want you to know what they want! So as well as the above points keep in mind things such as, taking your time in the bedroom, right through to helping with chores (I know I know!) but it all helps to oil the cogs of love. Besides it will leave her more energy for romance and taking your time in the bedroom is fun for both of you.
4.Suckers for Romance 
There is no need to ask - Women love flowers and gifts, many find it especially charming when you don’t forget special dates/anniversaries. It doesn't take spending vast amounts of money, thought is the key here, so if you can educate yourself on your partners favourite treats and dates all the better.
5.Don't take the hump when we don't want to pump!  
Making a women feel obliged to have sex is like pouring cold water on a fire. In a woman's mind adding sex to there 'to do' list - is a major passion killer. Keep it fun and flirty and make sure she thinks of sex as something that is pleasurable for both of you.

Look out for my next post (because it's only fair!) - Top 5 things Men wish Women knew.

Bella Nixon

Size Matters...The Art of buying Erotic Lingerie

by Bella Nixon

Hi Bella here
Over the last Bank holiday I decided to give my e-mail inbox a spring clean and whilst scanning through old e-mails I noticed the single biggest concern for men when buying lingerie for their partner is size - and its not his own size that is the concern ladies! After reading around this subject a bit more I found lots of references to this issue, including an FHM online article about what makes buying lingerie for your partner a minefield, and top of the list? You guessed it SIZE! A sample of our own customer comments further proves my point...

“If I get something too small she will be upset and feel fat.”
"If I get the wrong size she'll think I've purchased for someone else!"
"Too big and she'll think I assumed she is larger than she is and be offended"
"Not fitting is going to ruin our special moment."
"This is for our honeymoon, if I get it wrong I can’t exchange it”

Anon 2014

You'll be glad to know all our puzzled customers sizing issues were solved, but from this it is easy to understand why getting it right really is important! Time and thought are the key words here because you want your partner to feel a million dollars. We know time is something we are all often short of, so hopefully a quick read of my blog will arm you with the know how to get things right first time. Failing that, you can contact the FlirtyorDirty sales team for information and lingerie suggestions.

FlirtyorDirty specialise in Erotic Lingerie. We don't do everyday wear lingerie; we love that too, but our passion is well PASSION! You may start off thinking PANIC! but I can assure you buying erotic lingerie is actually simpler than buying her everyday lingerie! Don't play it safe i.e don't buy something she will wear everyday but keep in mind the type of lingerie you both want. We understand our customers concerns about size so for my quick guide to Flirtyordirty erotic lingerie read on.

Clothing Size: The single most important thing to find out is her UK clothing size, for both tops and trousers. Check things she has recently worn and fit her well, trousers are preferable to jeans as the sizing is simpler. If there's a difference in her UK size from top to bottom of more than one UK size, have a look at my "Bodyshape Collection" below and check out my style advice and recommendations for a perfect fit.

Bra Cup size: (the letter) unlike 'everyday' lingerie this is not essential to know, but useful especially if your partner is very big busted compared to her clothing size. If you want a style with underwire on the bust this will be in the description of the product on the FlirtyorDirty website, you may wish to see quick advice in the Bodyshape section below.

Brands - How the sizes measure up

Anais Apparel - Anais is made really well and most styles have the choice to make some adjustment. Comes up on the small side, so we recommend choosing the next size up from her UK clothing size, unless you know for sure that she fits at the smaller end of the UK size range.

Obsessive - A great brand to choose if you are concerned about getting size right. Obsessive lingerie is made of elastic textiles, some have lacings that allow you to adjust it or other similar details to make adjustment. In our experience their clever designs mean in most cases the lingerie fits perfectly, and items are rarely returned due to bad fit. We keep two main sizes in stock, S/M (UK 8-12) and L/XL (UK 14-18) By having only two main categories on size means getting the size right is a lot simpler. Use her UK clothing size as your guide.

Lola Luna - Accurate on sizing so choose the size that matches your partners UK size. If you want bigger than UK16 choose the Zambie closed as this has a tie side.

LivCo Corsetti - In our experience LivCo lingerie is accurately sized Small/Medium for UK 8-10 and Large/XL UK 12-14. Other lingerie such as body stockings or fishnet dress come as one size fits many (UK 8-16). These styles make a great choice when you are not sure of the exact size you want.

Donna Flor - Swimwear sizes are accurate in our opinion, most of the bikini bottoms are non adjustable except Sauipie that has tie sides. All the bikini tops have adjustable ties at the neck and back.

Bodyshape - Style Advice for different body shapes

Loretta SetSame size top and bottom:

Most styles will fit easily but I recommend lingerie sets such as Loretta from LivCo Corsetti or Hope bra and knicker set by Anais. Of couse there are many other styles you could try like our Micro bikinis or choose from our Body stockings or Chemise and nightwear.
Shame Black By AnaisBigger on top than bottom by one size:
Consider styles that adjust at the top or bottom with elastic, clasps or corset style lacing,under wiring. If the lingerie item adjusts on the bottom choose her UK size that fits her top, and if the top adjusts choose the UK size that fits her bottom. I recommend styles such as - Shame, Aurea, Agostina, Kalia.

Charms ChemiseBigger bottom than top by one size:

Consider styles that enhance the bust and slim the hips. Choose styles that adjust at the top or bottom with elastic, clasps or corset style lacing. If the lingerie item adjusts on the bottom choose her UK size that fits her top, and if the top adjusts choose the UK size that fits her bottom. I recommend nightwear such as Charms chemise by Obsessive, Isida babydoll and Kissy set by Anais or Carolyn half cup bra and knickers available as a 2 or 3 piece set.

CatrionaMore than one size different between top and bottom:

Styles that balance by either enhancing the hips or the bust are best and I recommend Flores Chemise, Catriona from our body stocking range or a fishnet dress.

Punish Me PantyMore than two sizes different between top and bottom:

I recommend you play it safe as you may find with sets that one part fits and the other doesn't, you can avoid this problem by choosing g-strings or sexy knickers and match them with pasties or garter stockings.

Agostina from LivCo CorsettiBig busted:

Choose styles with under wiring if bust is up to DD, Underwired styles include Agostina from Livco Corsetti, Julia babydoll by Obsessive or from Anais Apparel Shame bra and knicker set (available in black or white) or Splash chemise & string set. Any bigger than DD I recommend you choose a non wired item such as Flores or choose from our body stockings and fishnet dresses.

F204 White BodystockingTall:

This will mean overall the look will be shorter on baby dolls, dresses, chemise, I recommend considering styles with adjustable shoulder straps, For over 5'8" I recommend choosing body stockings like F204 from Obsessive in one of the larger sizes even if your partner is a UK size 10.

Extreme BikiniPetite:

We stock some gorgeous items in extra small (UK size 8 or less) - my recommendations are, Doris, Chloe, Hope, Esme also Lola luna micro g-strings, Donna Flor micro bikinis are great for ladies who are petite.

Final reassurance - If you find the lingerie you chose is not right, we accept no quibble returns for exchange or full refund, as long as the lingerie is returned in pristine condition and within two weeks of receipt. If you prefer to exchange we offer after sales care and advice if required just e-mail me. Please see our terms and conditions for full refund policy.